However, as long as poverty, injustice and gross inequity persist in our world, none of us can truely rest Poverty is not natural.It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.  Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice.  It is the protection of a fundamental human right

The right to dignity and a decent life.

While poverty persists there is no true freedom.

Nelson Mandela



On Christmas eve, Lilli and Annibale find a baby in a big garbage bin. He is a little boy. He’s healthy and kicking. The two homeless try to take the baby to the closest children’s hospital but they witness an extraordinary event. None of the doctors or nurses see the child.

The scene is surreal: Lilli and Annibale raise the child before the doctors’ eyes and all they see is thin air. Nothing at all. No baby.

It is not like that for everybody. There is somebody else apart from Annibale and Lilli who can see the child. It seems that the child is invisible to most people livinging in homes.

The two homeless find themselves turned into improvised parents of a very special child. At the station deposit where they decide to take care of the child, a small community starts to assemble: a mixed family of homeless of every kind and nature.

What is it that generates this difference between people? Why is it that only some can see the child? It is necessary to put the pieces of a very complex puzzle together before one can understand the difference between those who can and cannot see the child. It is evident however that the child is a the messanger of a truth that has to be spread.

A young blogger and a lady worried by her son’s behaviour help the community reach the people living in homes. The news of the child spreads quickly and attracts more and more people.

This is how the arrival of the child becomes the driving force of change. The childs’ message reaches into the hearts of the unexpected. Also the hearts of those in charge of the financial system and who are responsible for many of the injustices of our times.

This is a new opportunity for everybody. For Annibale and Lilli and for all the people. And then, just as the child had arrived, it vanishes. Certain that the message it bears will have serious repercussions.

With Donatella Bartoli, Sergio Leone and Gigi Piola

And the extraordinary participation of Paola PITAGORA


My name is Giovanni Bedeschi. I am an Italian director and producer. Ten years ago I founded my production company Bedeschi Film. A part from producing quality commercials, branded content, videos and documentaries, I have produced several short films that have won awards worldwide.



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