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My name is Giovanni Bedeschi. I am an Italian director and producer. Ten years ago I founded my production company Bedeschi Film. A part from producing quality commercials, branded content, videos and documentaries, I have produced several short films that have won awards worldwide.

Pane dal cielo is my first feature film. I got the inspiration to shoot it after many years of doing volunteer work at the soup kitchen for the homeless at Opera San Franscesco run by Capuccini friars who feed hundreds of homeless every day here in Milan. I have heard incredibile stories.

I have understood that we are them. It is only a fine line that divides us. It takes very little to go under, to find yourself stranded on the street. Divorced fathers who cannot make ends meet, elderly with meagre pensions, people whose lives have taken a wrong turn and have found themselves living on the street, workers who lose their job, refugees who flock to our city in search of a better future. I could write pages of so many stories I have heard. So I asked a dear friend and author Sergio Rodriguez to write a story about these people. That is show Pane dal cielo came to life.

The aim of my film is to stir the emotions of the public and to shed a light on a very serious problem of our times. Pane dal cielo has received very important endorsements by Milan authorities such as the Comune di Milano (Milan Municipality). It is worth noting that Milan sadly ranks number one in Italy in the number of homeless who live on the streets and who remain invisible to our eyes. We have also received the endorsement of Pubblicità Progresso, a foundation dedicated to promoting better quality life through social change. The Foundation promotes its own campaigns and endorses external projects like Pane dal cielo produced by other non profit organizations, whose contents the Foundation deems in line with its mission.

In September 2016 we decided to produce the film with our own funds and with the help of many people who contributed to the crowd funding campaign we started in 2015. Thanks to these contributions and the support of friends, crew who worked for free, we were able to produce the film independently.

Pane dal cielo : the original score of the film about the Milan homeless is online and available on all the ditigal stores. Songs by Claudio Sanfilippo and music by Fabrizio Baldoni

Pane dal cielo by Giovanni Bedeschi is about poverty and it explores the feelings and emotions of the homeless. The movie is also very moving thanks to the music and the songs that accompany the stories making them even more evocative.

The original score was composed with refined creativity by maestro Fabrizio Baldoni. The songs that add a special touch to some of the most intense scenes are by Claudio Sanfilippo.
The original score is now available on all the major digital stores and is distributed by Pirames Intenational.

The song Pane dal cielo, was written especially by Claudio Sanfilippo to tell the delicate story of Pane dal cielo through music. The album also includes songs La Meraviglia, Ilzendelswing and Nostalgia de Milan.


Giovanni Bedeschi comments: “Pane dal cielo is a story about the homeless, a delicate and difficult issue that people often ignored and keep at a distance. One of the aims of my film is to explain how many homeless people lead perfectly normal lives before. I wish to make the audience aware of this.

We included many elements in the film with the purpose of involving and moving the audience. The original score is one of these elements and I am convinced that it has touched many people who have seen the film so far.

I wish to thank Claudio San Filippo and Fabrizio Baldoni for having transformed in music the many emotions that Pane dal cielo brings about in the audience making the story even more effective.”


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