Pane dal cielo awarded at Mirabile Dictu 
Best film and best director

Pane dal cielo the first feature film by director and producer Giovanni Bedeschi won two awards at the ninth edition of Mirabile Dictu, the International Catholic Film Festival whose aim is to create a meeting place for writers, directors and producers who embrace common universal moral values and positive attitudes.

The festival comprises five categories: best film, best documentary, best short movie, best director and the Fondazione
Capax Dei award. Pane dal cielo based on the story by Sergio Rodriguez adapted by scripwriter Franco Dipietro, won
two silver awards for best film and best director. Pane dal cielo cast includes Donatella Bartoli, Sergio Leone, Gigi
Piola, Mauro Ramerio and guest star Paola Pitagora. The film is about poverty and about the homeless the latter being
a social issue that director Giovanni Bedeschi is particularly concerned about.

“ I am honoured about this particular achievement, it shows that Pane dal cielo has reached the hearts of many people”
Giovanni Bedeschi comments. “I wish to thank Liana Marabini, who founded and is President of the festival who gave
us this opportunity. I also wish to thank the cast and all the people who have contributed to making the film a great