Working with Bedeschifilm is a pleasure. It feels like home with a friendly atmosphere of respect and highly professional . I felt a very strong motivation towards this project and towards the issue of the homeless that is very dear to Giovanni.

Giovanni put alot of energy into the project and so did everybody else who helped organize and produce the film. I was very honoured that Giovanni chose me to play one of the protagonists in part for my acting skills but above all for the humanity of the character with all his dark and unsettling sides that inhabit each one of us. What struck me most when Giovanni talked about the film and its homeless characters is how easily we could find ourselves in their same situation at any given time for any given reason.

The homeless are like us. We, like them, could lose our certainties and security if something should go wrong. It suddenly struck me that I could become Annibale if something wrong were to happen to me and this makes you look at these people on the street with more respect, love and tenderness.